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KakaSaku, oh the impossibility of it all~

Uncut, but if ya'll complain I will edit.

It's a little weird when people pair Kakashi off with someone. The yaoi fans will pair him off with Iruka. Ugh (Note: I am not against yaoi. In fact, my OTP is SasuNaru, which might as well be canon. I just think Kakashi is the straightest straight guy ever). And the "het" fans seem to have taken to pairing him up with Sakura. So:

Do you like this pairing just because you like Kakashi? Or, do you actually think this would work in the manga?

Long, long ago, I tried to write an actual KakaSaku story called "Another Wolf." I think it was when KakaSaku wasn't as big of a fandom as it is today, but I wrote it because I liked Kakashi, and Sakura was in that deliciously angsty teenage woe-is-me-men-just-don't-understand phase (this was before the time jump where she turned into an actually respectable character). But it just didn't work after a few chapters. Why? Because it was just so completely and utterly improbable.

Of course, fanfiction is a genre of impossibilities and quite uncanon-like characterizations, but Kakashi is Kakashi. He is the most perfectly beautiful and insensitively compassionate jerk there ever was; I couldn't make him act a certain way in a story just because I wanted him to. I love Kakashi. I can't bear to turn him into anything other than what he already is.

Here's the funny part: I can't stand reading KakaSaku. It is utterly hyprocritical of me. I know. I've written more than 1 or 2 KakaSaku stories. Everytime I read about him falling in love with Sakura, I think, "What?! Kakashi would never act/talk/move like that!"

Wait, scratch that. I have read one KakaSaku that was completely and wonderfully believable, Somewhere There. But that's it. Believe me, I've read, or at least tried to read, all of the "famous" KakaSaku stories on Just couldn't do it.

Me: Kakashi would never fall in love with Sakura. In fact, he's probably not the type to fall in love with anyone, much less a significantly younger girl. Kakashi is distant, ambiguous, and, above all else, honorable. He would never be in a real relationship with Sakura because it would be dishonorable. He's not the type to do something for his own selfish needs. But if he were to do something selfish, it would be at the expense of his own self, not at the risk of hurting another.

Which is why when I attempt to write this pairing, it is always *angst.* He would hate himself for touching her, or even thinking about touching her. It would kill him to do so. Actually, I like to think about Kakashi just losing it and taking it out on Sakura (who is half thrilled and half scared out of her wits). And then I like to think of him wanting to cut off his own hands for acting on his impulses. I don't think Kakashi would really ever want Sakura as anything more than an outlet for all of his bottled up emotions. And Sakura, having been unable to ever save Naruto or Sasuke, would let him use her for all she was worth, just to know that she was able to save *someone.*

That's just me.

So.. agree? disagree? WTF, KAKSAKU IS LIKE FOREVA TRUE LUV!!! Or whatever. This comm needs some discussion once in a while, no?

EDIT Wow! I'm amazed at the response this has gotten. I've definitely enjoyed reading everyone's personal insight into this pairing. Thank you!
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